Sunday, 28 July 2013

Urban Outfitters Camden Launch Party

Woosh! That's the sound of July going by... this year is spinning out of control! I've a few cracking posts lined up with a couple of awesome products, but today is the round up from the Urban Outfitters Camden store launch party to which we were very generously guest-listed (thanks UO!).

So we decided to spend the day hanging out in Camden, mooching around the shops and wishing we could buy everything (especially the Studio Ghibli tshirts from the lady near the stables) and eating amazing catfish stew at The Blues Kitchen. My favourite shop in Camden is the daytime-club, Cyberdog - it was as ever, like walking right into a warehouse rave. Neon everwhere, podium dancers in tiny booths on the wall, mirrored surfaces, lasers and eardrum-bursting music. I just bloody love it. Alex bought a 3D/UV alien tshirt to wear at Bestival in the dance tents and I got an amazing long vest top with a mesh 'spine' detail, which I'm planning to wear at Roller Derby to keep cool. Oh yeah, I joined a Roller Derby newbie trial... Aaaanyway, I'll try and get those up in another post soon. We almost bought UV nail polish, until the chick behind the counter backlit it and we realised what a shoddy job I'd done :/

So here's my day outfit, it was so hot we both decided to take a change of top with us for the evening - sly.

Shirt: Birdcages with black piping - ASOS. This shirt is kinda sheer but you know what? I just damn well didn't care, it was too hot to wear a vest! I had a nude bra on and high waisted jeans so it's not all bad. The sleeves are a little large on this, but it is easy to throw on.

Jeans: High waisted, super skinny jeans in black acid wash - ASOS. I know I've blogged these before but I must just say again, I LOVE THESE JEANS. They are just ever so comfy.

Trainers: Burgundy Vans (actually, the insole is kinda dead so they ripped my feet to shreds after a day of running around, time to seek a replacement inner methinks)

Bag: Green mini - Fiorelli, see previous posts! Bought by Al :)

Scarf: Camera print, bought in Whitby


Key necklaces - Pieces from ASOS and crafty one from my Mum
Sunglasses - Pieces from ASOS
Rings - H&M, Superdry, Alchemy Gothic
Bracelets - Primark, ASOS
Watch - ASOS
Nail Polish - Minty green from Stargazer (included because I'm obsessed with this colour and Stargazer products are just amazing) 

So, onto my second outfit of the evening - not vastly different, but at least I wasn't an 'orrible sweaty mess going into the UO launch party...

Shirt: Rolled sleeve chiffony cream button up - Primark. Loving these at the moment, very comfortable and cover the shoulder enough to be summer-evening as well as summer-day wear. I wore it top buttoned with a navy bow I got from an ebay seller.

Cover-up: Tree photographic print sheer top with tie detail - George at ASDA

Jeans: As before

Trainers: As before

Accessories: As before

The party was a lot of fun, there was a photobooth, piƱatas with prizes inside, art installations, temporary tattoos, a free bar (with the most enormous bottles of beer ever) and DJ Bradley Zero mixing away providing the entertainment. All this alongside a first-look at the brand new store and all the exciting STUFF! 

Oh I forgot the very best thing: we picked up stripy bags and weaved in and out of the stands full of jeans and tshirts, hunting down the giant glass jars full of sweeties hidden around the shop, amongst the merchandise! We gorged ourselves on bonbons, jelly-eggs and giant beers whilst umming and ahhing over what we liked most, but eventually decided on the following:

Unicorn items (there were a lot)
Casio retro watches
Acid wash denim dresses
Random baseball jerseys

Top launch UO, thanks for the invite!

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