Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hillbilly Heartbreaker

 aaaaand finally, Download - Day Three! This was the day I saw Rammstein for the first time, and oh but they were EPIC. It wasn't very rainy at all, but still a little chilly and definitely still a bit sludgy in the arena. Had a great day - you can read the review here and my Rammstein review here. This outfit is my standard "It's a festival so dress like rock n roll Daisy Duke" look. It's easy, involves pockets (essential at a festival) and has layers with which to regulate temperature... oh so practical.

Tshirt - GWAR!!!!! Bought at Bloodstock Open Air Festival, Gwar are just hilarious fun. That's all.

Shirt - This is lumberjack-check on the front with a little denim collar but the back of it is sheer navy fabric, which is perfect for wearing over band tshirts, because you can still see the tour dates through the back! It was from Primark.

Shorts - Stonewash denim knicker-shorts from ASOS

Leggings - Black, Jack Wills

Wellies & Welly-Warmers - Both from Katwalk Kimberleys! You can get to their page here: but please do go back to my previous post from Download to see the full description! The socks/welly-warmers are fleecy with a cable-knit topper to fold over, they're SUPER-warm and cosy, plus stop rain getting into your boots!


Black bandana - ebay

Belt - Lowlife

Spike necklace - Primark

These sample products were gifted from Katwalk Kimberleys. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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