Monday, 17 June 2013

Downpour Festival: I do my little turn on the Katwalk


Ahoy! Yes, ahoy, it did in fact RAIN most of the weekend (as it always does for Download Festival) but that did mean a chance for this... So last week I received a delightful delivery from the lovely people at Katwalk Kimberleys who make snazzy wet weather gear, with a social conscience. Based in Middlesborough, KK's was launched in 2012 by Abigail Fields in tribute to her late sister, Kimberley. The company's raison d'etre comes from Abigail: "The business is in memory of my late sister Kimberley who sadly passed away from methadone related activity.  Kimberley tried many times to kick her drug habit and I know that the one thing missing to help her was 'employment' if Kimberley had a job it would have been much easier for her to remain abstinent.  Sad as it is Kimberleys life will not be in vain and this social enterprise will give jobs to those people in recovery."

KK's is making roads in supporting recovering addicts, promoting products with passion and reason behind them and I proudly sport their products, knowing what they stand for. So without further ado, here's a lowdown on the goodies!

Wellies - KK's wellies are slim-fit so for me with my chunky calves they fit absolutely perfectly with normal socks, but a little snug with big thick ones. However, I can honestly say they're the most comfortable pair of wellies I think I've ever worn! They're made out of a softer pvc than others I've had, they're kind of jelly-like in a funny way. This is good for another reason, it means they stretch on the heel and don't press in a line when you walk or bend etc. My sister is notorious for axing wellies by popping the seams when she's searching in rock pools at the beach - but these would be perfect for her! They're also slick black, which is pretty handy for a metal-fest (heehee). As I left my big camera at home, these photos were taken in the morning before we left for the festival and I'm not wearing the welly-socks in them, but they'll come up in the next couple of posts.

Umbrella - this brolly is HUGE and SHINY and STRONG but most of all, comes in a wine bottle shaped holder! You may think this is just for fun, but you'd be wrong... it was in fact, the handiest of items this weekend as we experienced periods of sun and rain every hour or so. What's great about this is, unlike normal brollies that have only fabric covers - you can put your brolly away wet, store it upright in your backpack, and the tube/bottle will ensure nothing else in your bag gets a soaking while you're rocking out! Genius!! It's KK's own design and it's brilliant.

Everything else:

Wacken Tshirt - 2011 our trip to Germany for Wacken Open Air Festival

Blue zip hoody - This is a silver circuit board printed hoody with a neon yellow hood-lining from Cyberdog. It's a men's small, and has little thumb holes in the cuffs. I love it and it's easy to spot in a crowd! Bought a year or two ago in the sale.

Leggings - Ink print from Primark

Denim skirt - Animal

Belt - Star studded from Lowlife


Giant leather bow from Kiss Like Daisy (completely LOVE this, it gets so many compliments!)

Thing 1/Thing 2 Dr Seuss mini purse from an Ebay seller. I just like it because the blue hair matched my blue hair chalk!

Green belt pouch from Millets when I worked there a long time ago

These sample products were gifted from Katwalk Kimberleys. Opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. You look fab Anna.

    These products will be on sale at the Stockton Weekender Festival 27th and 28th July :)